About Us

Our Story

Born from our love of surf, we’re people who believe in the power of “stoke.” The feeling you get when you do something that thrills, excites and inspires you, whatever it is. Getting back to that thing you've shelved for a few years. Maybe you get stoked from surfing, sky diving, skiing or moto. Maybe from building something by hand or writing new music. Maybe it’s volunteering for something that really matters to you.

The feeling of stoke—when the fire is bright within you—produces energy that infuses every aspect of your life. To keep it going, the fire roaring, is to RESTOKE. That’s what we want to share with you.

And that’s why we chose the shaka as our logo. We all know “shaka,” the Hawaiian hand gesture, meaning to “hang loose.” But it’s also used to greet, praise, thank, encourage. So we took this symbol of well-being and configured it into the classic recycle symbol—a symbol of the need to renew. To relive the stoke and never stop!

Right now we’re building a community of RESTOKERS. People who dare, dream, try, create, contribute, share. People who care about the world, how they live in it, and how they treat it.

You know who you are.

Join us. Visit our store for the lifestyle apparel that inspires YOU to relive the STOKE and NEVER STOP!