RESTOKE Ambassadors are thoroughly engaged, connected and committed. They are the voice of the RESTOKE brand and live the spirit of stoke. They represent the RESTOKE brand by inspiring YOU to RELIVE the stoke, SPREAD the feeling, and NEVER STOP! You know the feeling. Exhilaration. Uncertainty. You’re out of control. Then you’re not. Time slows down. The moment is everything. The rush. That hard-to-describe feeling that leaves you wanting more. Whether it’s catching your first wave—or 100th, carving up a mountain in deep fresh powder, killing it at the skate park, the stoke you feel is the energy you bring to your life…and the world.

If you got time, take a minute and get to know our ambassadors and find out what stokes them.


Greg Waddell

Greg, a native of the coastal town of Rockport Massachusetts, has a history of sailing and boating in his bloodline. As a young grom at 4 years old, Greg’s dad got him hitting the slopes; he was stoked. His early exposure to skiing in New England and a ski trip to Utah quickly turned this coastal boat rigger/sailors life into a seasonal adventure. During the winter months, Greg RESTOKEs carving lines on the Mountains in Steamboat Springs Colorado or chasing pow in the backcountry. He spends the summer months back on the east coast and takes every opportunity to RESTOKE on the ocean, tacking a mainsail around his native island. Greg’s lust for life, his attitude and passion for adventure keep the true spirit of stoke alive.

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Jodi Leafer

It was back in 1993 when Jodi made her first scuba diving ascent into the Atlantic waters and she’s has been diving ever since; she was stoked. It is her energy, enthusiasm and love for diving that represents what RESTOKE is all about, to inspire the pursuit to relive the stoke and NEVER STOP! Jodi shares her passion for scuba diving with anyone who is in earshot, willing or not, to listen. Jodi volunteers and fundraises with the Shark Angels, an organization that raises awareness to the critical issues, change perspectives, and empower and equip advocates to act locally to save sharks. When Jodi isn’t diving with big fish, sharks and whales, she works as a professional in the Global Logistics Trade Compliance Industry, advocating for government agencies and the Ports of International Trade.

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Jay Harris

Born in the fishing city of Gloucester Massachusetts and raised in Magnolia, Jay first started playing guitar at age 13. After 27 years of playing and honing his craft he stepped out to play in the public eye, invited to be the guitarist of the Roots/Rock/Reggae band Soul Rebel Project in 2010 he hasn’t looked back, ditching corporate America to play roots reggae music, his first stoke.  Jay gets his RESTOKE by preforming roots reggae rhythms in front of live crowds; feeding off their energy, creating new sounds and delivering a new twist to the audience is what truly fires him up.

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