RESTOKER Michael Kelly of Pulp & Fizz July 21, 2015 08:30

On July 5th RESTOKE teamed up with Pulp & Fizza label that produces independently made music and event organizer, at Skate Day 2015, for an afternoon of soul carving on Marmion Way, in Rockport Massachusetts. If you read RESTOKE online blog posts or follow us on social media you’ve probably already checked out the great pics and video we posted after the event. We at RESTOKE were happy to have been part of Skate Day and not because Pulp & Fizz happens to be our neighbor, or their thoughtful mission which is “doing good and helping artists thrive” although most would think that should be enough. For us, it is the people who represent the Pulp & Fizz brand, Michael Kelly and Quinn Fariel, that really drew us in to be part of Skate Day 2015.



Both Michael and Quinn are true RESTOKERS, individuals who possess the rare combination of passion and inspiration from what stokes them. We thought we’d share their story of RESTOKE with you by asking each of them a few questions. We started with Michael and next week you’ll get a chance to meet Quinn by visiting the RESTOKE Blog.

Michael Kelly Pulp & FizzMichael Kelly and Quinn Fariel Pulp & Fizz

Tell us about your background, where are you from? 

I have lived in Rockport, Massachusetts for about 17 years but I have come to learn that my home is wherever my heart is. I have been gifted with this genuine life on the East Coast where I have the best friends and family that I could ever ask for. There is a great energy in this area and I can only assume that it is a culmination of the ocean and positive feelings between communities. I am grateful for these things in my life and for the chance to share them with you here. 

When did you experience your first stoke?

I was on a longboard. I had earbuds in, bumping some Bob Marley into my brain which subsequently burst out of my pores and into the atmosphere. It was a winter night about seven years ago. Even though it was around two in the morning, and there was no one else on the road, I remember feeling like there actually was nothing but me and my longboard. There was no noise in my head deciding that it was a great moment - it just was the moment. I've come to love those moments of pure bliss and they translate into all aspects of life. We are able to take our stoke from the activity we love into all activities of daily living. 



What do you do to RESTOKE? 

I RESTOKE by doing my best to experience all things as if it is that first, exciting time. Every second is a gift, and just like when I'm on a longboard, I can choose what kind of a ride I want it to be. The butterfly effect seems to be no joke. Give your utmost attention to others and good things will continue to happen in that direction. Purely riding this wave for enjoyment begets enjoyment in others. This is what it's all about. This is what I love about the restoke mentality. 

Are there any other artists, individuals or organizations that inspire you?

All artists inspire me as long as the art that they create comes from a genuine place. In my immediate area, I am inspired by those who wish to live outside of the box. I'm inspired by those who dare to be different. No matter what we do, we are artists by default and it's only when we try to accumulate something in return for our work that we become something other than an artist. 

If I were to be true to my immediate day and time, I would say that Toussaint the Liberator is an inspiration to me. His music is gold. Our company, Pulp & Fizz, has been collaborating with him and the things that he has to say in his music can change the entire human population into a more positive and powerful one. Look him up. 



What is your goal for your next big Restoke? Doing what?

My goal is to be a part of the making of a large, conscious reggae festival. There will be bands for most of the day sending positive vibes into the crowd of stoked people; there will be yoga and meditation sessions; there will be an opportunity for the public to reach out and develop a community of like-minded people for their cause; there will be riding available on the nearest hill so as not to be far away from the vibrations coming from the stage; there will be food and water and there will be people who would have had a normal day had they not come to the event, leaving with the thought that they just found their calling and their people. 

Best stoke to date?

Skimming all day on a beach in Hawaii with my best friend Petey. Nothing to do. Nowhere else to be. 


RESTOKE, a lifestyle apparel line created to inspire the pursuit of stoke, is always on the lookout to find true RESTOKERS. Are you a RESTOKER? If so, take and post photos both on Instagram and the RESTOKE Facebook page with #restoker and show us how you stoke and NEVER STOP!