Meet RESTOKER Jay Joseph June 2, 2015 22:40

RESTOKer Jay Joseph

RESTOKE, a lifestyle apparel line created to inspire the pursuit of stoke, is always on the lookout to find true RESTOKERS, those individuals who possess the rare combination of passion and inspiration from what stokes them. But in the case of Jay Joseph, die-hard skate boarder, we didn’t have to search to find him because he found RESTOKE first. Jay has been a champion of the RESTOKE brand since he first discovered us on Instagram shortly after we opened the online store in April. Since then, Jay has been thoroughly engaged, connected and committed to spreading the word and promoting RESTOKE whenever he can and we are grateful for his efforts and support.

Instead of telling Jay’s story of RESTOKE with you, we’ll ask him a few questions and let him do the talking. Jay has also created a video to share with you and you won’t want to miss viewing it!

Tell us about your background, where are you from? 

I’m originally from Brooklyn, New York, and now live in Georgia with my mom and the rest of my family. Back when I was in New York, where it got cold a lot, I had a huge liking for snowboarding and that's all I ever wanted to do at the time.

When did you experience your first stoke?

The first time I experienced stoke had to be back in the 8th grade when my friend Tyrell brought his skateboard to school. At the time, I was totally against skate boarding, snowboarding was still what I wanted to do, until I saw him walk through those double doors in the gym with a board in his hand. I was filled with a sense of excitement and it was like the feeling of snowboarding went out the door. At the time, Tyrell sat down next to my friend Mujahid and me and talked about how he loved to skate and what tricks he could do, what skaters he liked, the whole nine yards. Ever since that day I've been interested in skateboarding and everything about it.

What do you do to RESTOKE? 

What I do to RESTOKE is skateboarding. Nothing makes me feel more free, more daring or stoked than skateboarding. Getting out there, no matter if your good or bad at what you do, and just having fun is the best and only way to RESTOKE and for me, skateboarding does just that. 

Are there any other artists, individuals or organizations that inspire you?

Luan Oliveira and Andy Schrock have to be my two biggest inspirations for what I do. Watching Luan videos about his humble beginnings in skateboarding to becoming one of the biggest and best skateboarders in the world just makes me think of what I can possibly do one day. Everything about Luan just inspires me to work harder at every trick that I try because seeing where he grew up and the way he used that to drive him to being at the top makes me want to be just like him. Andy inspires me because he went from a small idea of making webisodes on YouTube to owning his very own skateboarding company, editing his own videos, and being known across the world for what he does for skateboarding. Watching the videos that he’s edited and seeing how well his company has grown inspires me to keep striving to do what I want to do in life and that is to become a filmer and editor and hopefully a professional skateboarder. My friends Mujahid, Nigel, Aaron, Dilan, and Malcom also inspire me to do better when I skate and remind me that skateboarding is all about the fun.

What is your goal for your next big Restoke? Doing what?

My goal for my next big RESTOKE is to enter my very first competition on Go Skateboarding Day and do my best to win it. I've always felt discouraged about competitions because I’m afraid of what people would think if I messed up a skateboard tricks or just wasn't good enough but I decided to put all of that behind me and just do the best I can do.  

Best stoke to date?

My best stoke to date would have to be the very first time I did a 360 flip on my skateboard. My friends were so excited to see that I landed the trick after so many times of falling and messing up and it was the very best feeling in the world. I told everyone that knew I was a skateboarder about it and I’ll never forget that day.


Are you a RESTOKER? If so, take and post photos both on Instagram and the RESTOKE Facebook page with #restoker and show us how you stoke and NEVER STOP!