Meet RESTOKER Leah Goodman May 19, 2015 06:00

RESTOKER Leah GoodmanRESTOKE, a lifestyle apparel line created to inspire the pursuit of stoke, is on an endless quest to find true RESTOKERS, those individuals who possess the rare combination of passion and inspiration from what stokes them. Recently, I had the good fortune to stand up paddle with Leah Goodman, proud owner of SUP East Coast Style, and genuine RESTOKER.

Leah’s from Marblehead, Massachusetts, a small old New England town located north of Boston. She feels that growing up by the water can change you into a mermaid beach bum, and she can never imagine not living close to it. While growing up, Leah was hugely active; though she played basketball and sailed often, soccer was her main sport and, in fact, her first true stoke experience was her first soccer game in high school. Leah had made the team as a freshman and scored the first goal of the season; right outside the goal box! “A sick shot!” and we agree.

Leah’s always been passionate about health, wellness and staying fit, both personally and professionally. Her life journey has allowed her to experience her share of stoke and capture so much more of it along the way. Over the last 15 years Leah has been working as an Esthetician, traveling to destinations as far away as Hawaii, to Florida and California, as well as other places, in the pursuit of furthering her skincare career. It was through her travels where she found her love and passion for stand up paddle (SUP) boarding. It’s been eight years since Leah returned to the east coast and almost 5 years ago when she and her husband Christos opened Sup East Coast Style, a great place to get quality SUP education, lessons, and other SUP related services and activities. 

For Leah, RESTOKE is about always approaching life as a student; learning and trying new things and not to be afraid to fail. She would argue that if you can learn something from whatever it is you’re doing, then don't give up on it, look at things differently and try again. Leah loves building partnerships and supporting all stoke and that helps her RESTOKE because she feeds off of all that positive energy.

Leah is also inspired by artists like Miss KMFP otherwise known as Kelly Patrick, one of the most talented and inspiring people and friends she knows. Kelly custom designed the Sup East Coast Style logo and Leah encourages all that if you haven't checked out her work do it, you won't regret it! Jay Adler also inspires her and she feels lucky to ride his work of art under her Rogue Ambassador all-water board every day! But it doesn’t stop there, Leah is inspired daily from people she meets randomly or who are familiar, her friends and partnerships, because all of them keep her going and challenge her to dig deeper, go further and never settle. “Go big or Go Home!”

Organizations that inspire her are those that do anything to make a change in this world for the better. If she had to name one specifically, she explains that not long ago, the Plummer Home approached Sup East Coast Style to Sponsor to create a stand up paddle charity event and herself and Christos push to make the event the best it can be.

Leah’s RESTOKE goal is to do better than she did yesterday and her best RESTOKE to date is having her best friend as her husband, business partner, partner for life, and number one supporter and biggest fan in all parts of her life. “Thank you Christos, I love you!” …and then there’s finishing the 2011 Cape Cod Bay Challenge!

Are you a RESTOKER? If so, take and post photos both on Instagram and the RESTOKE Facebook page with #restoker and show us how you stoke and NEVER STOP!