ARE YOU A RESTOKER? Meet the Hammer May 12, 2015 06:00

RESTOKE Love Hammer Poster
Over the past several weeks, RESTOKE, a lifestyle apparel line created to inspire the pursuit of stoke, introduced to you our Brand Ambassadors, a diverse group of amazing people whose lifestyles match the RESTOKE brand ideology and we’re happy to have them represent.

But, we’re also always on the look-out for all RESTOKERS, those individuals who possess the rare combination of passion and inspiration from what stokes them.

And we’re happy to say we didn’t have to look too long or hard. Take notice friends and meet the Hammer.



The Hammer has been described as a prolific artist, and is often found drawing with a Sharpie and his black hardcover sketchbook. It has been said that joy saturates his artwork, it is uniquely calming, teeming with vibrant color, fun and bursting with energy.

The Hammer is from the North Shore of Boston; a true New Englander raised on CHOWDA! As he tells it, he sees himself, like many artists, as cursed; a blue collar working man with a creative curse.


RESTOKER The Hammer Sharpies

The Hammer’s creativity sparked in kindergarten, where it all started, while using crayons and Play-Doh, and listening to the teacher read Dr. Seuss out loud. He claims making art was a spontaneous creation and today he makes art for his sanity NOT for his vanity. Much of the Hammer’s work is inspired from his friends, books, movies, animals, daily work commute, and music. His music library is very eclectic, A through Z, Abba to Zappa.


There are many things the Hammer plans on doing as his next Big RESTOKE, like writing a screen play, doing some mime, or erratic street theatre, and when asked why? The Hammer responds, because it’s random!

RESTOKER The Hammer Masks

But for now the Hammer is happy doing what RESTOKES him today,
which is a sunny day off with a sketch book because the way he sees it every day is full of little stokes that create the big stoke. The passion for life; we are all stokes in the wheel.

RESTOKER The Hammer Passionate about life

Thanks Hammer!

Are you a RESTOKER? If so, take and post photos both on Instagram and the RESTOKE Facebook page with #restoker and show us how you stoke and NEVER STOP!