RESTOKE Announces Brand Ambassadors April 14, 2015 06:00

RESTOKE is super excited to welcome brand ambassadors, Greg Waddell, Jodi Leafer and Jay Harris into the RESTOKE family.

Our ambassadors not only speak for the RESTOKE brand but they are the voice of the brand itself. Greg, a native of the coastal town of Rockport Massachusetts, RESTOKEs skiing in Colorado and sailing in New England. Jodi is energized when she scuba dives, making her first ascent into the Atlantic water in 1993. Jay’s positive vibes are undeniable, he RESTOKEs by playing roots reggae music in front of live crowds. Greg, Jodi and Jay embody the RESTOKE brand values: each are intensely excited about what stokes them and they see no limit in what they can do; they pursue their passion and NEVER STOP.

RESTOKE is a word that is meant to impact everyone in a positive way. Our focus is to provide RESTOKE through our lifestyle apparel and accessories, that inspire the passion in you to do and keep doing whatever it is that excites and thrills you and to Never Stop!

You’ll be able to find our Ambassadors posts on their social media channels featuring RESTOKE or you may even run into them milling around local events representing and talking about RESTOKE apparel. Though you can read about each of our Ambassadors on the Ambassador page of our website, on Tuesday of each week, for the next few weeks, we’ll be featuring each one so you can get to know them a little better and find out more of what ignites them and why they’re passionate to be a part of the RESTOKE brand.

Look out for our weekly blog post and if you’re interested in getting involved in representing the brand through our Ambassador program get in touch we’re always on the lookout for the passionate and inspired to help spread RESTOKE!