launches its newly created website April 5, 2015 18:54


We are excited to announce that RESTOKE has launched its newly created website:

RESTOKE is a word that is meant to impact everyone in a positive way. RESTOKE means to relive that unique and hard to come by feeling you get when you are doing something that thrills and excites you, whatever it is, and to Never Stop! Our focus is to provide RESTOKE through our lifestyle apparel and accessories, that inspire the passion in you to do and keep doing whatever it is that excites and thrills you.

Our website will always be a work in progress. We will continue to update our website regularly with new RESTOKE product designs, offers and events.  We’ll keep looking for ways to enhance our communications so that you may always and better share what stokes you.

Please take a moment and navigate through our new website and like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and Instagram and be sure to tell a friend! If you have any questions or comments regarding the content contained in our website, please feel free to email us.

And if you’re interested in getting involved in representing the brand through our Amabassador program get in touch we’re always on the lookout for the passionate and inspired to help spread RESTOKE!